Have you noticed the 5 beautiful hand painted totems in our Kindy garden?

The 5 totems tell a very special story that Uncle Joe (Aboriginal Elder from the Turrbal, Wakka Wakka, Birra and Kamilaroo people) would like to share with you if you would like to listen?

To tell this special story we have created a “Reflections Book” which shows Uncle Joe’s animal paintings from the totem’s paired with a photo of the animal in its natural habitat and a special story.  You could read one chapter at a time so each animal is listed within its habitat category: Wind, Land, Land + Water, Water.

We hope that sharing this book with your family gives everyone an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal painting, stories and symbolism.  Our hope is that you’ll all gain a fresh perspective of the animals, wind, land and water we share… What a unique gift idea too!

Learn more about a culture that can claim to be the oldest continuous living culture on the planet.

Please enjoy & share!




Available while stocks last.