From 1st January 2024, the QLD Government have announced that kindergarten will be free for all eligible Queensland children at government-approved educational programs. Banyo Kindergarten is Government approved.

To be eligible for FREE kindy at Banyo Kindergarten in 2024: 

  • Your child must be of eligible-age (turning 4 by 30th June 2024). 
  • Your child must attend for 15 hours per week (600 hours per year). All families enrolled in our program meet this requirement. 
  • Only one centre can claim the funding subsidy for your child for FREE kindy.
    • If your child is enrolled in another kindergarten while they are enrolled with Banyo Kindergarten, you need to choose which kindergarten you’d like the funding applied to. You will receive FREE kindy at that kindergarten and incur a fee at the second kindergarten.
    • If your child is enrolled in childcare while they are enrolled with Banyo Kindergarten, and accessing a government-approved kindergarten program at that childcare centre, you will receive FREE kindy only at Banyo Kindergarten and not at the childcare centre.

Please note: If your child does not meet the eligibility criteria above, Banyo Kindergarten’s Full daily fee will apply for your time at Banyo Kindergarten. This is outlined in the table below.

See the 2024 Fee Schedule here