Evidence shows children learn best through play based learning.  Our program provides children with many opportunities to play – to explore, inquire, solve problems, build relationship skills, imagine, create and extend their learning in all curriculum areas including language, literacy and numeracy.

We are guided by two key curriculum frameworks – ‘Building Waterfalls’ and the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’.

  • ‘Building Waterfalls – A Living and Learning Curriculum Framework’ is C&K’s curriculum framework.  It honours every child’s right to play and the importance of quality early childhood experiences for success as a lifelong learner.  It is accredited by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and acknowledges the overarching principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • ‘Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming’ is the national framework for children 0-5 years.  It has a vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success in life”,

In the kindergarten program all parts of the day offer opportunities for learning – play, routines, transitions, focused learning and teaching, interactions with others – all foster children’s learning and development.

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