Having visitors to the Kindergarten and opportunities to branch out into our community enriches the children’s learning and are enjoyed by all. Our Kindergarten is lucky enough to welcome four incursions throughout the year, one per term.

Additionally, we engaged with our local community by going on one excursion to the Banyo Library and Memorial Park and welcoming our local Police, Fire and Rail Safety to Kindy. We have also been lucky enough to have visits from our Local Aboriginal Elder who over the past years has worked with us to develop our connection to country.


Incursions vary year to year and a sample of past incursions are below.

Reptile Adventures Incursion

Reptiles are very important and play a vital role in our ecosystem.  Reptile Adventures provide quality educational demonstrations while stimulating young minds about amazing native Australian reptiles and amphibians.  They bring the animals to us and because the animals have been bred and raised in captivity, they are conditioned to regular handling. This means that the demonstrations are hands on and interactive.

This incursion allows the children access to some of natures most beautiful creatures with a focus on how each animal looks and feels, what each animal eats and where they come from. Children will be given the opportunity to look closely and touch each animal (except amphibians).

Bee Happy Puppet Show

Julie Dalton and her puppets join us for an hour of puppetry.  With her skills as a ventriloquist and puppeteer, Julie brings her loveable puppet characters to life, providing enchanting, quality entertainment in a professional, positive and uplifting manner that encourages children of all ages to love, laugh and learn. 

Hello Africa Show

The Hello Africa Show captures the children’s interest from the moment they see all the musical instruments. This is an interactive experience for the children, sharing knowledge of another culture through a positive and energetic show, that included African music, dance and drumming! A wonderful time is always had singing and dancing along to the rhythm and beat.

Reef Puppet Show

This is a puppet show with a conservation theme exploring the habitat of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been written by Jacinta Stewart (Dip Teach Early Childhood) and is performed by Puppeteer Kevin Galland. The children experience a colourful theatre set and go on a deep sea diving adventure meeting characters of the reef including a ‘talking clam’.

Plus Magic Shows, Science Shows, Dental Talks and more…


Each year the Kindy Groups, with the support of parent helpers, venture off to explore our local community. This is an exciting experience and often their first time travelling in a group together outside the kindy gates. This helps to prepare them for what to expect from school excursions and provides an opportunity for families to get involved.

The Banyo Library provide us an exclusive opportunity to visit, taking in all the library has to offer with story time, library games and an overall wonderful adventure.

We follow this up with a visit to the Banyo Memorial Park for morning tea and a play before making our way safely back to kindy again.

Community Visits

We are lucky enough throughout the year to have visits from our local Police, Fire and Rail Safety. Police cars and Fire trucks are brought right up to or onto Kindy grounds and children have the opportunity to explore them up close. These visits are a highlight for our kids each and every year and we are very thankful our local services make time each and every year.

These visits often provide inspiration for role play and our kindy kids grow and explore opportunities available to them.