There are five executive committee positions, and, six general committee positions that need to be filled each year. The committee is formed by parents of children currently attending the Kindergarten, or by interested members of the community. They are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), in February each year.

The committee meets monthly and are responsible for:

  • general management and financial matters of the centre
  • following the rules of the association/constitution lodged with the Department of Fair Trading
  • ensuring the centre is meeting C&K affiliation standards so the centre continues to receive QKFS funding
  • the employment of all necessary staff and compliance with the provisions of any awards or other industrial requirements.
  • legislative requirements affecting the centre
  • building and playgrounds
  • promoting the centre within the community

Executive Committee Positions


The president is the key contact on the committee. The president must be an enthusiastic and confident leader with good organisational skills, who can delegate, support others and participate as a team member. It is important that the President is able to build good rapport with both committee members and kindy staff and act as a liaison between both parties. Responsibilities include: 

  • Provide leadership to the management committee
  • Overall coordination of committee actions
  • Liaise with the Director
  • Chair meetings
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Ensure that decisions are made and carried through
  • Act as a spokesperson to the public
Vice President – Fundraising

The Vice President – Fundraising is the key contact for all fundraising events that occur within the kindergarten. Their duties include coordinating, leading, and facilitating the fundraising team, to ensure that Banyo Kindergarten undertakes a fundraising event each year.  This is an important role as our kindergarten relies on fundraising in order keep our kindy viable! The Vice President – Fundraising will need to be organised, have good communication and computer skills.  Responsibilities include: 

  • Work alongside and facilitate that Fundraising Team (consisting of the 2 Fundraising Coordinators and Social Coordinators) providing support and assistance where needed. 
  • Complete communications, imagery and advertisements for fundraising events as required. 
Vice President – Sponsorship & Facilities

The Vice President of Sponsorship & Facilities plays an important role in management committee. Their role is to support the kindergarten by organising, facilitating, and acting as a key contact for securing sponsors of Banyo Kindergarten.

Responsibilities include: 

  • Actively engage with local businesses, in order to help secure Sponsors for Banyo Kindergarten. 
  • Update and maintain documentation regarding sponsorships as required. 
  • Lead and guide the Workplace Health & Safety/Maintenance Coordinator and the Grants Coordinator, providing encouragement and assistance to them where necessary. 

The secretary is responsible for record keeping and documentation of our kindergarten committee. Our kindy secretary needs to have great computer skills, organisational skills. Responsibilities include: 

  • Prepares the agenda and supporting documents for meetings
  • Records and distributes meeting minutes
  • Maintain official records
  • Support the director and committee with written correspondence as required. 

The kindy treasurer is responsible for working closely with the Financial / Clerical Administrator in order to ensure the kindergartens financial health. Specific responsibilities include: 

  • Works with the Financial Administrator to prepare Budget and Audit Reports
  • Presents monthly Finance Reports at meetings
  • Supports the Financial Administrator and Management Committee in budget related decision making. 
  • Is in charge of tracking fundraising, and grants monies. 

General Committee Positions

Grants Co-ordinator 
  • Responsible for identifying, preparing, and submitting community grants.  This includes liaising with staff and committee members regarding the needs of the kindergarten and meeting with relevant trades to obtain quotes where necessary. 
  • Liaise with community members and tradespeople in order to carry out grant applications. 
Social Coordinator 
  • Organise and communicate social events for Kindergarten families – ideally one per term. These may include – families park playdate, mothers night, fathers night, Christmas playdate. 
Fundraising Coordinator x2 Positions 
  • Organise, communicate, and facilitate fundraising events for the kindergarten. 
  • Ideally the kindergarten needs one major fundraising event per year (i.e., raffle). 
  • Organise, communicate and facilitate the yearly “A Night With Kath” fundraiser. 
Workplace Health and Safety / Maintenance Coordinator 
  • Complete general upkeep and maintenance tasks as requested by the staff and/or committee. 
  • Work alongside the Director and Finance / Clerical Administrator in order to ensure the Kindergarten’s ongoing compliance with workplace health and safety regulations. 

Want to get involved sometimes but don’t have the time for a regular position, that’s not a problem, all our families are members of the committee! Come along or join in at any point throughout the year. Don’t fear, coming to meetings doesn’t mean you will go home with a job. All are welcome and it’s a great way to meet your fellow families and support what is happening around the kindy.