What does learning through play look like?

Your child may be playing in the sandpit and their educator will encourage them to draw maps in the sand and label them, or measure the water levels in the dam they have built. In this example the educator is purposely supporting your child’s interest to explore opportunities for literacy and numeracy development.

You might also see educators supporting your child and others to set up a shop where the children can transfer their real life knowledge to their play and extend on their learning. This may include developing labels and signs, making money / credit cards, researching what is required for a shop, negotiating roles played by friends and solving problems.

Our educators will encourage your child to explore and investigate a range of materials, and express their thinking, and emerging understandings in a variety of ways. We will support their curiosity and creativity and encourage them to investigate and solve problems. We will help them to capture their learning and share their thinking.

Each child will have an online and/or hardcopy portfolio to share their learning experiences. You may also seen a day book, slide show or special display when you collect your child, and we encourage you to talk with your child and educator about their day.