The annual fire truck visit is an exciting and important day on the on the C&K Banyo calendar. The arrival of the truck is always met with smiles and eager shouts from the children.

The visit starts with a talk from the Fire Fighters, they spend time explaining what Fire Fighters do when there is a fire, what they wear to stay safe and what number the children should call if there is a fire. There are lots of shouts of “000”, it is great to see so many children know the emergency number.

The Fire Fighters help the children understand what makes up a good fire and a bad fire and how the Fire Fighters would always be there to help with a bad fire. There are always some great questions from the children, such as “Will they always come when they are called?” and “How do you rescue people?”.

The most exiting part of the day is always getting up close with the fire truck and finding out what all the important fire fighting equipment is. The children love seeing the truck and having a turn on the fire hose. There are lots of proud smiles after getting to spray the hose and lots of surprised little faces at how strong the fire hose is.

No fire truck visit is complete without hearing those sirens and the children are treated to a loud wave goodbye as the sirens and horns sound down Tufnell Road. With the visit complete there is always definitely more than one kindy kid saying “I want to be a fire fighter when I grow up!”.

A great day had by all and a huge thank you goes out to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service for continually providing fantastic visits. We are looking forward to seeing you every year.