How exciting that your child and your family are starting at C&K Banyo. We want to make sure this time of “all things new” is enjoyable, calm and positive.

We encourage you to meet your child’s Director and Educators. You might like to visit the Kindergarten before you start and explore our play areas or participate in one of our “Stay and Play” sessions. You will have a number of orientation activities for your child and family leading up to your child’s first day and our Service Director will ensure that you know exactly what you need to bring on Day One.

Know that you can always contact our Director and talk with them about any questions you might have before your child starts. We want your child and your family to feel confident and ready to enjoy their experience from the very first day.

In the lead up to Day One, talk with your child about what the first day will be like. If your child has visited the Kindergarten with you, talk about what they saw, who they talked to, what their favourite experience was, where the children put their bags and what the toilets looked like.

We are here to support your child and your family through the first day, there may be tears, excitement and anxiety so please give yourself plenty of time to arrive and settle in. Show your child where to put their belongings and reassure them that you will be returning later in the day to pick them up. Ask your child to show you something interesting in the indoor or outdoor play area.

And don’t forget you can always call our Director at any time during the day to see how your child is going and how they are settling in.

When you pick up your child, ask about their day and get them to show you something interesting that they found or did during the day.